BD-J menu bug on Alien blu rays (1 Viewer)


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  • November 12, 2007
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    Nope, i'm not in contact with hp1 :(
    What post do you mean @azzuro ?
    I remember that something was merged but wasn't a good fix from Tourettes but still i think it was merged.
    Otherwise, no one else is working on this (except update lib etc.) there is a lot of work to do but still most all my bluray was working quite good, sometimes i need to do fast forward to bypass the end of clip pause.


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  • May 10, 2007
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    so, it's ok, i will push a commit on our fork.
    and when the patch is applied on official repo, we can rebase it.
    Seb, i push update commit to the 4889V2 branch, who point to the new libbluray update


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    February 13, 2012
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    Hi Azzurro and Sebastiii, I am sorry for the delay of my answer ...

    For resume the situation, when in May 2017 I did test the libbluray gently fixed by MM1352000, I did found some bugs:

    1) If you play a blu ray using the menu when you play again the same title you lost the possibility to restart the film in the point that you stopped ( it is no more asked or it's asked only for less of a second and you have not the time to do it ).

    2) If you play a blu ray using the menu, setting in the menù the audio language before start the play, with almost all the blu ray titles the language is not that you selected

    3) If you play a blu ray using the menu, the contest menu ( F9 key ) works only after that you do skip to the next chapter

    4) With some titles, for example all the Alien disks the audio is out of sync and delayed of almost a second respect to the video ( during the playing you can fix this using "REW" and then "PLAY" to put in sync the audio with the video, but if you change chapters again you have the out of sync )

    Now I have finally tested the Azzurro libbluray version and I can confirm that all the problems above noted are still present and the "3)" is still worse than before: now the contest menu ( F9 ) even changing chapter remain in large part inactive and so in it I am no more able to change audio track, subtitles, chapters and to invoke the bluray menu.

    I do think that not only the libbluray needs improvments but also the interface between it and MP

    Obviously I am always available to do further testing on it.

    Kind regards and thanks for yours time



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    February 13, 2012
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    I did it already, a part some sporadic and strange MP crash at skin level ( the 1.18 release for me works better and stable respect this prerelease), nothing change with the BDJmenu, exactly like have described above.

    I can also overwrite the two libbluray files with the older one compiled by MM1352000 that does work a little better as described.above.

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