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What would the best output option be? I have a 60" TV with component in, it is not HD.

I have just started the research process and wanted to know how much money to allocate to this. Just to be clear... I'm not so much asking which video card to get, as what do I do between the video card and the tv to get the best picture.


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    the rank of outputs go like this :

    DVI (digital signal - 1 connector - many wires)
    VGA (analogue signal - 1 connector - many wires)
    Component (analogue signal - 3 connectors - 3 separate wires)
    S-Video (analogue signal - 1 connector - 2 wires inside)
    Composite (analogue signal - 1 connector - 1 wire inside)

    Obviously DVI is the provides a digital signal, however many TV dont support this...VGA is the next best thing..its supports very high resolution still, however the difference between DVI and VGA is HUGE! Component allows 1080i resolutions, S-video loses quality after 800x600, as does composite.

    Try to get the highest possible quality your TV can support

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