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November 18, 2010
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Hello there,
I am not sure if this topic isn't fully answered in another thread, so I will ask for my own.
If it is answered please link me to the topic.

I'm going to reinstall MePo1 on my Htpc which I use for years.
Actually I'm on 1.10 and use the LAV filters/codecs.

My question is,
what are actually the "state of the art" codecs for movies and/or TV.
Is there an codecpack or is it difficult to answer because of the different hardware/software everyone is using?
What I probably figured out is
- madVR for 4K with HDR
- LAV for .h264 & .h265
what's with DivX or VC1??

no need for an audiocodec if using passthrough e.g. DTS-HD, DTS, Dolby, Dolby-HD or am I missing it?
Atmos isn't an option actually for me.

My System is Win7/64 Bit

Best regards

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