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January 16, 2006
I'm building a new HTPC, and use the ASUS A8N-VM CSM mainboard.
I was planning to use the integrated video-card, but after buying the tv-out bracket, I'm not very satisfied with the tv-out on this board. I find the picture to be too blurred.

Therefore I'm looking for a decent PCIe card to do the job instead.
It has to have excellent quality on the s-video output, it must be passively cooled and not cost too much (because I've already spent enough money on this project).

-Any suggestions? ATI or nVidia?
I'd like the card to work even when I buy a proper HDTV later.

I was looking at the GeForce 6600-cards with passive cooling.
-Should I get the 256MB version, or will 128MB do?
I do not plan to do ANY gaming with this PC.

I have heard that 6600-cards generally have good tv-out quality, and I remember some test of asus-cards where the TV-out was excellent.
-But are the TV-out as good on all brands? Rr is this quality brand-spesific?

I'm considering a XFX GeForce 6600 128MB Passive Cooling, which is low profile and will fit perfectly in my case:
-Any thoughts on this (especially on s-video picture quality), or any better suggestions?



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May 24, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden
I have 6600gt with fan (one of the first) and I am very happy with the S-video out. Very sharp and true in it's fidelity. You won't be able to use it for HDTV but you should be able to use VGA or DVI to hook up any modern flat HDTV.
My card is 128 Meg and I can still play Quake 4 with high resolution and good fps.

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