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March 1, 2017
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I am using MP1 with Black Gold dual DVB2-T and DVB-S2 but would like to move to MP2. The Black Gold tuner is still listed as unsupported but I wondered if the Wiki had not been updated with any changes to supported devices?



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    I am using MP1 with Black Gold dual DVB2-T and DVB-S2 but would like to move to MP2.
    If it is working under MP1 it will also work with MP2. Just export all your TV settings from within the TV configuration and then import them into MP2 after you'Ve installed the software to restore your channels and groups, etc.


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    March 1, 2017
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    Hi, thanks for the replies.

    The main reason I asked is because I tried this last year (can't remember exactly when but it was quite a while ago) and the tuner card was not recognised. Naturally only after I tried it did I look it up on the Wiki and saw that "Blackgold (DiSEqC)" was listed under unsupported tuners. I think based on the two replies to date I will have another go.


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    The note in the wiki is only to indicate that the DiSEqC feature is not supported for Blackgold tuners. If you don't use DiSEqC switches or motors then you can ignore that, and the tuner should work fine. A tuner not being recognised is a completely different issue (or, respectfully, a mistake on your part).

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