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  • June 10, 2008
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    I've had this happen a few times, here are the latest logs.

    Situation #1

    What happened this time is I resumed from standby
    Loaded trakt, played a trailer -> Black video (audio ok)
    Went and checked a tvseries -> also black video, audio ok
    Restarted MePo using the restart menu
    Played a tvseries -> black audio
    Went to Restart PC using the restart menu in basic home
    LAV asked for an update (is this the cause, I don't know, but probably)

    --> Logs #2

    Situation #2

    Tried to play video -> black screen no audio
    Opening settings GUIm Changed h264 codec from LAV -> MS
    Played video -> video worked
    Stopped video, suddenly MP minimised and I get a LAV update dialog
    Restored MP, changed video codec back to LAV, can now play video correctly.

    --> Logs #2

    PS. Sorry I didn't clear logs between situations, but wasn't planing on finding further problems I thought after restart it would work.

    EDIT: will reattach logs in a minute, sorry.


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    Read something about a h264 bug in LAV - I use ffmepg now for H264 content and it's working fine. (Using saf codec)
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