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  • September 27, 2009
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    Sometimes when I tune to a channel I only get a black screen without any audio.
    Mediaportal responds normally while watching that black screen so it's no hangup.

    I've compiled a testset with logs (from mp1.19, just tested with 1.20 and it has the same problems)
    In the zip you'll find 2 folders: Black RTL 4 (this is the channel that gives me the black image) and for comparison also a successful watch of a different channel (Ok RTL 5).
    First I thought it was the tvserver which didn't decode things correctly but both the tsbuffer.ts files play correctly in vlc.
    I've also added a streaminfo,txt file in both folders with the stream-properties as shown by mediainfo.
    Do see some differences in there, but I don't know if they can cause the image to remain black.

    After checking with graphstudio (does indeed the same as MP: black screen on the RTL4 .ts file and normal playback of the RTL 5 .ts file) there are also some differences in the graphbuilding, all in the Video renderer (4. [Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder]/(Video Output 1) -> [Video Renderer]/(VMR Input0))
    RTL 5 Ok                                RTL 4 Black
    Major:   MEDIATYPE_Video                Major:   MEDIATYPE_Video       
    Subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_NV12              Subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_NV12     
        bFixedSizeSamples:    TRUE              bFixedSizeSamples:    TRUE
        bTemporalCompression: FALSE             bTemporalCompression: FALSE
        lSampleSize:    3110400                 lSampleSize:    3110400   
        cbFormat: 1136                          cbFormat: 1152             
    Format:  FORMAT_VIDEOINFO2              Format:  FORMAT_VIDEOINFO2     
    VIDEOINFOHEADER2:                       VIDEOINFOHEADER2:             
        rcSource: (0,0,1920,1080)               rcSource: (0,0,1920,1080)  
        rcTarget: (0,0,1920,1080)               rcTarget: (0,0,1920,1080)  
        dwBitRate:622080000                     dwBitRate:622080000       
        dwBitErrorRate: 0                       dwBitErrorRate: 0         
        AvgTimePerFrame:400000                  AvgTimePerFrame:400000     
        dwInterlaceFlags:     129               dwInterlaceFlags:     129  
        dwCopyProtectFlags:   0                 dwCopyProtectFlags:   1   
        dwPictAspectRatioX:   16                dwPictAspectRatioX:   1920
        dwPictAspectRatioY:   9                 dwPictAspectRatioY:   1080
        dwControlFlags: 0                       dwControlFlags: 679518337  
    BITMAPINFOHEADER:                       BITMAPINFOHEADER:             
        biSize:   40                            biSize:   40               
        biWidth:  1920                          biWidth:  1920             
        biHeight: 1080                          biHeight: -1080           
        biPlanes: 1                             biPlanes: 1               
        biBitCount:     12                      biBitCount:     12         
        biCompression:  0x3231564E              biCompression:  0x3231564E
        biSizeImage:    3110400                 biSizeImage:    3110400   
        biXPelsPerMeter:0                       biXPelsPerMeter:0         
        biYPelsPerMeter:0                       biYPelsPerMeter:0         
        biClrUsed:0                             biClrUsed:0               
        biClrImportant: 0                       biClrImportant: 0
    Notable changes: dwFormat.dwCopyProtectFlags.dwPictAspectRatioX,dwPictAspectRatioY, dwControlFlags and biHeight
    What strikes me as odd (triple checked it) is that the playable file has the dwCopyProtectFlags set to 1 while the non-playable is 0.
    If it were the other way around, I would kind of expect the behavior...

    Is this file indeed not playable with standard directshow codecs, or am I missing something here?



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  • November 12, 2007
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    Hi :)
    Yep not playable with LAV Filter along in graph studio, this is weird, it plays correctly with VLC :)
    Maybe @Owlsroost has an idea :p

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