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November 29, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
I try this plugin in MP 1.5 but the autoplay is not working. It starts the MP internal player.
Any solution for this ?


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February 8, 2007
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I'll try (when I can) to modify the plugin in order to override the native video player (just like BDHandler).



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November 29, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
As I understand correctly this is already included in MP 1.5. Still the same behaviour is there when disabling the "Use internal blu ray player menu"

I'll try (when I can) to modify the plugin in order to override the native video player (just like BDHandler).
That should be great.
Maybe you can then also publish the source code of this plugin. I'am very curious how that will be archieved. I already took a look at the (old) sourcecode but couldn't find the solution. But I'am a beginner on this and want to learn :)


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  • February 23, 2008
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    The option 'Use internal Blu-ray player Menu' isn't related to an external player.
    With the option enabled, MediaPortal uses BDReader to display the BDMV menus of the Blu-ray with the internal player. When you disable this option, your selected splitter (LAV Splitter by default if you installed LAV filters) will be used, but then you don't have the menus.

    If you want to use an external player you have several options:
    1. If you use MyVideo, setup a player in that section for all videos in that section
    2. If you use MovingPictures, setup the external player in the plugin (MovPic Config > About tab > Advanced settings button on bottom, then look for 'Bluray/HD-DVD Playback')
    3. If you want your Blu-ray ISO/Images to be played with an external player, you need to set that up under the 'DVD Discs/Images' section.
    So you have 3 options to setup an external player. And with the above fix (included in 1.5) for the 'DVD Discs/Images' you are now able to (for example) use the internal Blu-ray player for your movies and 3D Blu-ray (packed as ISO) can be played back with an external player (since MP doesn't support 3D Blu-ray for now).


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    November 29, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Option 3 is indeed working but I still prefer this plugin.
    Hopefully Nephilim can get this plugin working again :)


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    November 9, 2008
    Germany Germany
    No news here?
    I am looking for a 1.6 Version as well!

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