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February 13, 2015
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I write to you to understand if I could resolve my problem and to understand where is (if there is any) the issue.

Recently I started to collect my father's collection of DVD and BluRay (these last ones both fullhd and 4k uhd) creating 1:1 copies and storing theme onto my NAS.

I like to see the disc menus, because I'm really interested in extras and through MePo I saw that for DVD menus it's ok.

Then when it was the turn of 1080p fullhd blu ray discs, the menus inside MePo were not reproduced, but after a research in your forum and wiki I found that on my windows 7 HTPC (where MePo is) I had to install the 32bit version of java.
So I installed and then I could see the menus of these discs.

In these days it's the turn of UHD 2160p discs, but even if I have java installed, the menus are not reproduced correctly inside MePo: for some discs (i.e. Bohemian Rhapsody) after selecting the menu from MePo popup, I could see only a part of the menu and if I select the movie, it doesn't start.
Other (i.e. Doctor Sleep) I see only a black screen in place of the menu.

But If in the MePo options I uncheck "use internal Blu-ray menu player", then the movies start without any problem and with an exceptional fluidity.

So, what is the difference between the 1080p fullhd blu-ray disc menus and the 2160p uhd blu-ray menus? Aren't bd-j menus both?

Someone could help me to understand?


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  • August 9, 2012
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    You might want to consider a commercial BD/DVD player which can be set up as an external player in MP1 such that it will automatically be opened for media of your choice. At the moment the Cyberlink PowerDVD 19 is on a reduced offer at €59,99 (most likely because ver. 20 is just round the corner) which sounds like a good deal and should meet all your needs with respect to menus.


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  • August 9, 2012
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    Just wanted to add to the above that 4k uhd playback with PowerDVD 19 only works with specific hardware, you should check that out before purchasing.

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