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December 6, 2004
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First, I’m not sure this is the right forum

I’m using the Airplay plug-in to stream audio form my Ipad to mediaportal to get sound to my speakers. This is a very nice plug-in.

But, my phone is a Android device and it does not support Airplay. But I would still like to stream from my phone. I think of using Bluetooth.

So want i am looking for is a plug in like the Airplayer but just for Bluetooth (I know I will need a BT dongle). Does anybody know if such a plug-in exists??



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December 6, 2004
Denmark Denmark
Where is the source of the audio (local MP3s, internet radio etc)?
The source is my android phone and i would like to stream from e.g. spotify or similar app. using bluetooth.[DOUBLEPOST=1416941318][/DOUBLEPOST]
If you look in the AirPlayer thread there post about how to get audio airplay to work with android phones: . But I think this only work with local files on your phone, not internet radio, spotify, etc. If you are rooted I think there are apps able to send all your audio over Airplay.
I would prefer not to root my phone, so i'm not sure i can use these apps:-( but thank you


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    I have also seen the link about bluetooth streaming to windows. But i think that because i use the power schedule plugin MP will shot down during bluetooth streaming. That why it would be nice if it was a plugin for MP.

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