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  • April 22, 2009
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    Hi ,

    I have a slight problem with bluray iso images .

    I can play them with no problems , but they do not get unmounted by Daemon Tools .

    If I play a dvd iso it plays perfectly .
    If I play a bluray iso it plays perfedtly .
    If I try to play a dvd iso or a different bluray iso after playing a bluray iso , the first bluray plays again .

    The only way around this is to exit MediaPortal and manually unmount the bluray iso .

    Logs are attached .

    It the logs , I played "1408" - a dvd iso , then played "Season of the Witch" - a bluray iso , then played "1408" again .

    The "Season of the Witch " bluray iso played instead of "1408 " the second time .

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks .
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