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  • January 1, 2012
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    running MP1.3RC (and Alpha and Beta before), I am not able to play all my BluRays in MP (while Nero 12 Bluray Player will play them). I am using third party software to bypass encryption, this perfectly works on some disks (for example, "The Hunger Games" will work fine) while others will crash MePo (starting the Menu on my Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the ring edition, while it is marked as working fine in the compatibility list). Is there anything I can do to make more disks work or will I just have to wait or continue using other playback software?

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    i have this as a burned disc(so no copy protection) and it works fine for movie mode, but it does glitch if u go to the menu first

    try playing the blu ray (find the /stream folder and find a large(or largest .M2TS file) and play it in windows media player..if it works there, you know your codecs and decrypter are working correctly.

    If this doesnt work, update your decrypter version as its probably out of date.
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