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  • April 10, 2007

    I've just bought my first few Blu-Ray disks and have been trying to get them playing in MP 1.3.0 with limited success.

    I have been working with two different titles (and three disks), none of which use Java menus as far as I can tell. I have created ISO files for all disks via DVDFab and am mounting these via Daemon Tools Lite (been using this for DVDs for a long time, works fine). I am then playing through Moving Pictures (but have also tried by manually mounting and using the Play Disk feature in MePo with identical results). I also tried ripping to a folder rather than iso, with identical results.

    I am able to mount and play the Blu-Ray titles with no problem - great picture and audio, but not one of the disks I have tried allows the menu to play. Selecting Menu from the pop up window fails and I have to select a title to play instead.

    I have tried every combination of Codec available to me under Blu Ray settings (I am now back on ffdshow as it has given the best picture/audio results, and LAV played out of sync with lots of artefacts in the picture). I have tried switching splitters under video codecs as well, just in case (LAV / Haali) but to no avail.

    Not sure what to do now, other than just play the titles directly (making it hard/impossible to get to special features), or set up an external player (which I'd very much rather not do).

    Both titles are either Region B or non-region (can't tell as it's not shown on the cover for either titles).

    Logs are attached.


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  • April 10, 2007
    *Update* - Never mind, I found out how to check for the presence of java menus, and sure enough, all disks apparently make use of them.


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    Yeah, FYI you can see in the BDReader log files:
    05-05-2013 11:20:34.666 [ 16e4]num_bdj_titles: 79
    05-05-2013 11:20:34.666 [ 16e4]num_hdmv_titles: 2
    05-05-2013 11:20:34.666 [ 16e4]num_unsupported_titles: 79
    bdj is BD-J (Blu-Ray Java).

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