Bluray playback: How to revert back to Select Play Mode after stopping playback? (1 Viewer)


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December 28, 2013
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I have the BD-J internal reader deactivated because of playback issues. Well, that's another story.... My current problem is:

[1] I put a disc in the drive (DVDfab installed and working).
[2] The "Select Play Mode" menu pops up allowing me to select Menu or a Title from the index.bdmv file on the disc [image].
[3] I choose to play a title.
[4] I stop the playback.
[5] Playing the disc again gives me two options: Resume or restart playback of the title.

... but what I really want is to get back to the Select Play Mode menu (step [2]) to select another title!

Ejecting and reinserting the disc does not work... Restarting MediaPortal (or even computer) does not work.... as long as MediaPortal remembers the disc.

Is this a bug?? MediaPortal does not let me to return to the Select Play Mode.


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  • August 9, 2012
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    Do you have DVDfab selected as an external player in the Bluray config.?
    If yes then the Select Play Mode menu should not pop up and DVDfab should start up directly. In MP 1.19 this is a bug see here
    for further info and fix.
    Off Topic, but I'm really interested to know how DVDfab is working for you, does it play 3D. Reason for asking is that since the Win 10 Creators Fall Update I have not been able to use Cyberlink PowerDVD (15 and the new 18) to play 3D.


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    December 28, 2013
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    Hi Joecrow. I have no DVDfab player installed. I use the on-the-fly decrypter version. Therefore there is not any external player configured on MediaPortal.

    In addition, I cannot help you with the 3D functionalities as I have not any Bluray-3D. I'm sorry. I fact I use Windows 7 in my HTPC.

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