Both Colossus cards suddenly stop recording - no obvious errors (1 Viewer)


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November 5, 2007

I've had a working setup for about 6 months now. I have 1x HDHR and 2x Colossus cards (Connected to vip211k Dish Network receivers). I have one server and five clients. I run FTR as my fronted plugin on all devices and use MP as the tuner. The setup has been pretty stable until a few days ago.

I noticed a few recordings on my colossus looked like they were fast forwarding. A few others wouldn't play and were just blank (and would cause MP to lockup). Now I cannot play live tv at all or view any recordings from the colossus. The HDHR still functions fine. I don't believe this to be codec related as this is happening on all of my systems, none of which have been modified this week. I see the .ts buffer file or recording being created in the correct directory (my network share)...i've tried to open this with VLC but it seems to jump all over the place then freeze. MP doesn't give any errors it just freezes up when I try to play live tv or one of the bad recordings. Eventually it'll return to the guide.

I cleaned my MP and TVserver logs and tried to watch one channel live. I disabled one of the colossus cards through the TV tuner. Here are the logs for that attempt...does anything obvious jump out?

Please help!

Thank you




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November 5, 2007
A little more info. I tried to open the .ts recording through VLC and it pays a couple of frames then stops...the track bar continues but no changes in video. There is no duration shown in VLC either.

If I open the file through Windows Media Player then the video runs in double time but the video appears to be audio.

Both receivers are connected using component with SPDIF for the audio. This hasn't changed in months.


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    Ok, just checking as I had a problem with the FTR reading no space on hdd when there was, and nothing else I could spot in your logs so i'm stumped.


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    November 5, 2007
    1 seems to be related to SPDIF audio (which has been discussed at length in another thread). If I set one channel to analog audio it tunes no problem. What a pain that is just started happening with no changes on my part!

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