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  • April 22, 2004
    New features were added by Gucky62 to cvs today:

    # It is now possible to burn audio CD´s with MediaPortal.
    mp3´s will be converted to wav and a audio cd produced.

    # You can now specify a path to which dvr-ms to mpg converted files are saved to

    # You can decide if the converted files shall be deleted from recorded tc database or not.



    You can get the latest cvs from www.myshare.de. You can extract the .rar file into the Mediaportal dir and start afterwords the start.bat to register some .ax DirectShow filters. Thats all.


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    March 27, 2005
    Nice plugin... but does not work 4 me

    The conversion of DVR-MS to MPG doe not work.
    If i hit the button 'started conversion' (in dutch) but nothing happens.
    Should i see a progressbar or something?
    If i get this plugin 2 work , my mediaportal will be finnishd.

    I love portal. mutch better then mce2005 :p


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    November 30, 2004
    I have the same problem. Once I hit convert DVR-MS -> AVI there's a msg that the conversion will be started. But nothing happens. In the plugin setup there's one register where there are no options. (Video settings or so). Is anything additional required to use this feature? Is there any howto flying around?



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  • February 23, 2005
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    You need to have 2 filters installed in the MediaPortal main folder and registered - the CyberLink Direct Show filters - CLDump.ax and MpgMux.ax.

    If you don't have these filters, you can get them from here.

    Do not install this package as you only need two files from the Zip archive. In the archive is a "Data1.cab" file. You can open it with an unzip/rar program, and extract the files CLDump.ax and MpgMux.ax to your MP main folder.

    Then you should register these filters using RadLight Filter Manager or regsvr32.exe.

    When that is all done, the DVR-MS to MPEG2 conversion should work for you... :D


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    November 30, 2004
    Hi. Thanks for the advice I did as you told me. Actually I used some other source for the file as the directory you linked to does not contain any files.
    After registering the files, the problem remains. I choose the file to convert, then hit the DVR-MS -> MPEG Button, a screen appears with "Conversion is beeing started" (in german) and then I'm back at the first menu of the burner plugin. Nothing happens any more and the task manager does not show any process working on the conversion.

    btw. hitting the cutting button has no effect, and in the setup of the plugin the "Video processing" bar is empty. Nothing to adjust there. Can you give me any help or do you need additional information?


    When I first tried this plugin, I did not check Convert DVR-MS in the DVR-MS Convert tab because I wanted to select the files to convert myself. I was seeing the same thing you are seeing. After looking again at this tab, I noticed at the bottom there is the Automatic convert. I thought that if that was not selected the files should not be converted unless I do it myself. I checked the Convert DVR-MS. Now it works for me. The filename that is being converted is displayed close to the bottom. To the left of the filename there is "|" that spins like the hourglass to let you know that it is working.

    Hope this helps.

    FYI. I compared the 2 videos after the conversion. I found the mpeg has a slightly higher contrast which in my case is a good thing. In general the quality seems to be the same.


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    April 4, 2005
    MPEG2 to DIVX / MPEG2 to MPEG4

    I'm running an April 25th CVS build, and I noticed on the burner plugin setup that there was a blank Video tab. When I run MP and select Burn -> Convert, the Convert DVR-MS selection is available (and works perfectly), but MPEG2 -> DIVX and MPEG2 -> MPEG4 are greyed out. Am I missing some filters, or are the MPEG2 ->DIVX and MPEG2 -> MPEG4 coming attractions?

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