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Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Talk' started by woodchuck, September 1, 2008.

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    September 1, 2008
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    Hi all, I'm new to MP so forgive me if I err.

    I'm trying to set up my remote the way I want it and seem to be running into some limitations with the may MP configures keys.

    I want the buttons to be context-sensitive in reasonable ways and this seems impossible in MP. I've tried various plugins like ShortCuter, MyKeys, KeyboardInputPlugin, and they don't really seem to fix the situation.

    All the plugins seem to be global keys so they don't have any context sensitivity at all.

    The MP key config seems to only let you access the ACTION_ commands that are exposed, and lots of things you want to do are not exposed.

    Also the context sensitive in the normal MP config is a real pain to set up, since for example My Music is split into 8 pages so if I want to make a key that works on music I have to define it 8 times.

    Am I missing something?

    Just some examples of stuff I'd like to be able to do :

    1. If I'm in My Music, make Enter add to playlist and Clear clear playlist
    2. If I'm on home page, make the Green button toggle fullscreen, if I'm not on home page make it take me to home page
    3. Make DVD Menu play the DVD if I'm not currently watching it
    4. Make fullscreen toggle button for videos take me to "now playing" if I'm in the music section when I hit it.

    etc.. stuff like this all seems impossible. Is there a way to do this?
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  3. pilehave
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    Unfortunately I don't have an answer to you, but would like to say that I totally agree. Making MP plugin-oriented and open is totally good, but as long as the shortcut-keys are hardcoded there is room for improvement.

    I would like to see a plugin that disables the built-in shortcut-keys and lets you make your own, organized in one tab per XML-file. Preferrably with the possibility to prefix with SHIFT or CRTL.

    Thank you ;)

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