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  • April 22, 2010
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    I have been using aMPdroid (Pro) for a while now, and I have notice a behaviour with volume control, in not so much a bug, but probably an unexpected behaviour and wonder if the volume can be recalibrated when using reusing aMPdroid after using different application played on PC.

    Let me explain a scenario:-
    I watch a live TV or Recorded programe, and set the volume at an appropriate level e.g. 1/3 up on aMPdroid app, then I decide to watch a DVD/BlueRay using PowerDVD, so I come out of aMPdroid, and remote it from my tablet to start up PowerDVD, and then play, but found the volume too low, so I increase this. Film ends, so I go back into aMPdroid to watch either live TV/recorded programme, and found it too loud, and so I adjust volume, but found that it is still at 1/3 (despite it being increased via different app on PC), so I lowered to the begining of the volume control i.e. to 0, but still too loud, which means I then I have visit the PC to lower the volume further, and so this volume control becomes all out of sync to what it is actually set on the PC. In the meantime now I have a satisfactory volume but aMPdroid thinks the volume is at 0 (because I tried to lower it), when it is not.

    I don't play DVD/BlueRay via Mediaportal as this don't seem to be working fully as expected due to encryption issues on either disc, hence I always go into PowerDVD application. This issue can also apply to any other application I play on PC such as Windows Media Player to play music.

    Does anyone have this issue, are there any known work around, or (Diebagger) can aMPdroid be programmed to re-sync/recalibrate it volume control to what it is on the PC? Any idea's are welcome!


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