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May 29, 2008
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i have the latest version of MP with an imon remote (DH 101 case)

i can adjust the volume level of music with my remote but i cannot adjust the volume of movies.
i set all the audio outputs for music and videos to digital output and SPDIF output.
for the music i use the bass player.
for movies i use ffdshow for audio.

i was under the assumption when you set everything to spdif you cannot adjust the volume.
but how come i can do this with music and not with movies?

the remote controls the volume of master volume in vista ultimate and not the volume from within MP.

i do want to adjust the volume for music and movies.
i know that you can set everything to analog output to achieve this but i cant get it to work anymore.

i have a club3d theatron soundcard.

does someone know something about this?



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March 10, 2009
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Well I can't say specifically what is causing your problem, but I can maybe give you a hint. You PC has to decode the audio to control audio levels, so I would imagine that this is a codec issue.

My experience has been that decoding the audio on the PC is detrimental to the audio quality (doesn't matter with MP3's as they are already rather low quality, but if you rip your movies with the DTS tracks...). I have a nice AV receiver that I use to decode all my audio, the SPDIF is just a pass through to the receiver, I have even gone the extra step to reprogram the volume buttons on my MCE remote to control my receiver.

So on your issue I would look at the audio codec that the video files are using, then look at your setting for AC3filter or ffdshow. My guess would be the audio type is set to pass though.

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