Can i use amped config to customise AMPed for mp 1.10

Discussion in 'aMPed' started by edbull, March 23, 2015.

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    probably a newbie question but i have dived in to use the editor to make my custom menu and have saved changes as a profile. if i reload the profie i can see all changes. But i cannot seem to make amped use my profile
    Followed the tutorial and saved the layout etc but it still displays the default home screen

    using 3.6.3 amped and MP 1.10

    any clues

    dont have an error as such so no point in a log file at this stage but happy to provide a screen dump of amped config if that assists

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    Hi edbull - when you say 'the default home screen' do you mean 'classic' home or 'basic home'? (see There are two different home screens in MP (don't ask why LOL) and you select which one you want to view in MP Config (see

    aMPed Config or 'profile' doesn't control that. If I didn't understand your issue correctly, let me know.
    FYI you don't really need to save a 'profile' (aMPed Config will keep your settings even when you reinstall) Profiles are mainly if you have different users who want to use different themes/layouts/Basic Home etc. - it makes it easier to 'start' MP/aMPed with their preferences.

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