[Info] Can we role back (downgrade) to 1.3 from 1.4 pre release? (1 Viewer)


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October 10, 2012
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Having too many issues with it coming out of standby and connection to tv service lost on both server and client pc's when trying to bring one of the clients out of sleep. Also getting very slow for MP to become usable on the client pc's whereas on the server pc mp works straight away.

Not sure whats going on.[DOUBLEPOST=1371128022][/DOUBLEPOST]Also how would we do this if it is possible?
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October 11, 2007
You should have taken a backup of 1.3 with backupsettings-plugin before upgrading. Then its easy to revert. I had to do it myself because my remote didn't work right, and no solution so far.


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    What you could try is use 7zip to open the 1.3 Final install package.
    Once you open the file, go into the 'deploy' folder, select both package-xxx files, and hit F5 to copy them somewhere.
    If you don't watch TV or don't need to install a TV Server, you only need the package-mediaportal.exe to run, otherwise run them both.

    Tip for the next time: BackupSettings plugin ;)

    Alternatively you could start a bugreport and attach your logfiles so we can see what the problem is, because i can tell you that it's running GREAT here :)

    ** EDIT **
    There has been some great improvements on the TV Client part, including a fix for the 'connection lost' popup after resume from S3. Fix should be available in about a week ;)
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    Did this a couple of times - switching between Versions without any problems. As written the deploy Folder holds the two files you need for Installation (TV and MP - you Need to install both) - this Folder is created when you start the setup. The only Thing you Need to check afterwards is that the plugins are compatible (some of the 1.4 re not working in 1.3 - but you see this in the pluginmanager)

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