Can you have Event Mapper BLAST when entering different SCREENS / PLUG-INS? (1 Viewer)


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January 12, 2008
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What I want to do is simple. I am using the MCE Replacement Plug-in.

Whenever I enter MyEmulators, I want to have MP send a blast command to change my Amplifier input to Analogue.

Whenever I enter TV,Videos,Moving Pictures, I want to have MP send a blast command to change my Amplifier input to Digital.

I can get this to work on my MCE Remote by setting up a macro using the GOTO SCREEN function and assigning it to a button.... but I want it to do a BLAST everytime i go to a particular screen, not by using a button on my Remote.

So if I am on the Home screen and choose Myemulators, a BLAST command will change my amp to analogue. If I chose TV, TV SERIES, Moving Pictures, Videos, Recorded TV, then a BLAST would change the amp to digital.

Any help would be great... awesome plug-in!!!

Well after tinkering around long enough... I found a solution that works!

For MyEmulators

In Event Mapper, I added the EVENT: Clicked, Target Control ID=2497 and assigned that to my BLAST AMP Analogue input! (Needed for 7.1 PC game sound)

When I go into MyEmulators, it doesn't BLAST until I actually enter either PC GAMES or Emulators which is perfect!

For all my Media playback and TV watching, I just used the EVENT: Playback_Started, and assigned that to my AMP Digital Input.

So now my AMP switches to DIGITAL everytime ANYTHING is played or watched!

Awesome PLUG_IN!

Thanks again!

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