[Usability] Can you help to make the Anysee E30 tuner work with MP?


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May 29, 2010
I think I found a solution for using MediaPortal RC3 in combination with the Anysee without MDAPI.
The solution is DVBLink’s TVSource software. Unfortunately it's not for free (cost's 21 Euro) but it works great and you can try it 20 days for free (which is enough to test it)

DVBLink’s TVSource ‘replaces’ the CNO of anysee and you can use it with W7MCE but also with Media portal.
For use within MediaPortal you still need the Splug-file for decoding, but you no longer need MDAPI.

Below a short guide on how to get it running in Mediaportal.
Shopping list:
- Latest Anysee driver (tested with 1.19B beta)
- Latest Splug file (tested with AnySee E30-Series - Windows Live
- Latest DVBLink TVSource (tested with 2.1) DVBLogic - provider of digital streaming connectivity solutions
- MediaPortal 1.1 RC3
- DVBLink channel export tool for v2 version of DVBLink DVBLogic • View topic - Channel export to use MediaPortal or DVBViewer with DVBLink

Install Process:
1. Install anysee driver
2. Install DVBLINK server and TVsource. A good install document is included in the download. Don’t bother about the MCE related stuff, you do not need it.
3. Scann for chanels.
4. Place the Splug file in the DVBLink plugin directory for decoding the scrambled chanels.
6. Do the basic installation of MediaPortal RC3, but wait with setting up the TV-server.
7. Run the DVBLink channel export tool for v2 version of DVBLink:
Copy the produced xml files to your Transponders folder of MediaPortal.
Then you need to open produced satellites_dvblink.xml file in a text editor and merge its content with satellites.xml file in Transponder directory of MediaPortal. In other words - just copy and paste each <satellite name="... line into satellites.xml file at the end of the file, but before </satellites> tag.
8. Start MediaPortal TV-Server configuration, all DVBLink satellites should appear in the satellite list. Select them for appropriate DVBLink tuners and scan the transponders. (don’t forget to enable CAM as this is needed for the decoding)
9. Done.

Note: You might need to do some reboots in the process above.
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