Canadian Grabber? Anyone? (1 Viewer)

Jim T

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September 14, 2007
Ok, I am going to try again! I have given this a shot in the past without success.

Problems: 1) I live in Canada (that's not the problem, no wisecracks!) and there don't seem to be a lot of EPGs that support Canada. 2) I live in Newfoundland (again ... no cracks!!!) and thus we are 1/2 hour off of Atlantic time and all the EPGs seem to stop at Eastern time. 3) I can't seem to find a way to 'roll my own'

If anyone has a good Canadian grabber I would love to get it. If not, can someone point me to some guidelines that don't require major programming skills to get my TV guide working. Please. .... please .... :notworthy:

Jim T

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