Cannot get 50Hz interlaced output on ATI card using powerstrip.... (1 Viewer)


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January 21, 2009
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Hi All,

I have tried using powerstrip to force a 50Hz interlaced signal from the s-video to composite video connector to my TV from my ATI 9550 AGP card, but with no success.

Have selected the 720x576 PAL template but all I get is alot of overscan.

This ATI issue is completely frustrating and I have noticed that there are countless threads going back years on this topic. I have tried to follow the threads but I don't think I am doing anything wrong when using powerstrip, so I am stuck.

Has anyone or does anyone know of a simple step by step guide that can help with setting up powerstrip to force a smooth 50Hz interlaced image????

This whole HTPC business is fraught with many pitfalls. I have struggled for 3-4 months and have hit issues with remotes and TV cards not working, then not working after standby, standby issues, VMC suddenly crashing all the time etc, etc, etc........some will know how I'm feeling....

But I'm determined to get it right or else the wife is going to turf it all out.... :)


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  • August 30, 2006
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    Try 25Hz. I'm using powerstrip to get 1024x576 (widescreen), and it wants it to be 25Hz (interlaced I think), so I let it.


    What TV is it? Does it have anything more than composite (single yellow) input (ignoring RF, of course). Mine has S-VHS and SCART, but the SCART signal won't accept a widescreen input. Go figure.

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