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Discussion in '1.2.x' started by Lotsofjazz, March 20, 2012.

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    MediaPortal Version: 1.2.2

    I have a CD, James Morisson, Snappy Too (just recently released, NOT Snappy Doo of a couple years ago, which is in the database).
    When I try to import the CD, it wont work, it doesnt recognize the tiles, and doesnt seem to know the Album name as well.
    To check if import is working I have imported first a known CD (star wars soundtrack) which worked fine and right after tried the James Morisson CD, which did not work. All done in Debugger Mode, logs attached. Playing the tracks is no problem.
    Funny thing is that with Windows Media Player the CD is recognized and all titles appear normally. Used Windows Mediaplayer as a workaround to rip the CD.
    So what is going wrong here?
    Thanks in Advance,

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Open Mediaportal debug mode
    Insert Star wars CD in CD tray, navigate to first CD track (CD album name and track names appear normally), right click, select 'Import CD'
    Wait till Star wars is imported completely. close import window.
    Navigate to CD root, right click, select eject CD.. tray opens
    Insert CD Snappy Too, push tray to close.
    Navigate to first track, shown as TRACK01.CDA, right click, select Import CD... Nothing happens..
    tried one more time, but no success..
    close Mediaportal, debug report generated, close debug window.
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  3. rsbrux
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    I have the same problem in MP 1.3.0.
    The odd thing is that I have a 2 CD set of Cecilia Bartoli singing Bellini's Norma.
    The 1st CD imports OK, but the 2nd is unrecognized and does not import. The symptoms are the same as you describe.
    Since MP 1.4.0 is already out, I will try upgrading before posting logs.

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