[fixed] Can't download recordings from MPExtended 0.5.2 to aMPdroid (1 Viewer)


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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
Netherlands Netherlands
Hi all,

In addition to the already reported inability to stream TV recordings (fixed by using the long-press menu), I am also unable to download any TV recordings using aMPdroid.

Downloads fail immediately, and the MPExtended log shows an exception telling that the e.Rating column does not exist in the database. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, is this an issue with aMPdroid or MPExtended?

After a hardware upgrade last weekend, I did a clean install of MediaPortal 1.3.0beta on a fresh install of Windows 7. I only used the standard TVService export/import functionality to import channels, schedules etc. from my previous MP 1.2.3 installation.

I installed MPExtended 0.5.2 and WifiRemote (and some other plugins), and modified the MPExtended service to run under the same user account as MediaPortal.

Kind regards,


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April 4, 2008
New York
Poland Poland
I have the same problem. Turns out this is a known bug. The work around is to long click on the episode and click the play button at the top. Then the video stream works fine.

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