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December 4, 2005
Hi i got a serious problem.

I set up my system, for the second time. The first time i exerimentated a lot with Patches, Codecs and so on. So after all windows and MP where very instable.
So i tried to set up a clean installation. Everything went fine, but after all there are 2 problems. The first written in another Topic and this here. When i try to close MP by clicking the X often it simply freezes. The windows taskbar gets back, but MP doesn't exit. Its unusable. no reaction to everything. THe only way to close is by killing the task. In this case MP uses 100% CPU.

My System:
Windows XP SP2 including all the available Patches.
.net framework 1.1 including SP1
Elecard mpeg 2 Decoder
AC3 Filter 1.02a test3
WinDVD 7.0
a patch thats stops freezing windows on playing channels like ProSieben (Something with the AC3)
MP 0.1.3 (0.2.0 is ununsable to me cause in future there will ne 2 Nova-S Plus in this system.)

CPU Athlon 64 3000+
Epox 8hmmia
512MB Ram
Nova-S Plus
Geforce FX 5200

Hope somebody can give me a clue.




Portal Pro
December 4, 2005
Koschel has the same config and he told me also the new Builds are buggy. The System is for my parents and they don't want to try a lot. Its only use is to work, no buggs, no hangs ups.If it doesn't work, they don't want it.

Now i got some new problems when playing DVD. I'm close to giving up.

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