Can´t find all DVB-S-channels

Discussion in 'MyTV - Engine 0.2' started by KoktGrus, February 27, 2007.

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    i just got my DVB-S-card to work... I use it with the Astra/Hotbird satellites at 28,2 degrees east...

    I did a scan of channels at this satellite, but didn´t find all channels... It´s about 200 channels missing... Including the BBC channels =/

    I find all with a Nokia Mediamaster 9802s...

    what can i do?


    The card also says that it´s full signal strength, but no signal quality...
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  3. funkychicken

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    November 10, 2006
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    This is a common fault with the 0.2x

    First thing to perform is the following.

    Make sure you perform multiple scans. One at 7 AM, one at 3PM and one at 9PM. This is so that you pick up the maximum channels that were off-air during the previous scan.

    Even after the above, you will find you are missing a number of channels during a channel scan. BBC 3/4 etc.

    There is no automated way with MP to detect these channels, even with an updated transponder list it doesnt work. I dont know what the technical reason is but I have learned to live with it. :(

    The solution to this problem is to add the missing channels yourself. This is easily achieved one of two ways.

    1) Install a different DVB software on the same machine as a temp solution (I used DVBDream). Update the transponder list and perform multiple scans at the timeperiod I mentioned above. Once you have performed these scans, you have the information you need to add the channels to MP manually. Add the channels in MP Config using the parameters found in DVB Dream.

    2) Install MyTheatre and perform the channels scans, do this at the timeperiods I mentioned above. Once you have the channels discovered in MyTheatre, search for the MPChannelImport tool on DVBN and you can import the channels listing from MyTheatre into MP directly (Delete all channels from MP first though).

    Hope the above helps.

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