Can't get iMON VFD to work with MP - plugin problem? (1 Viewer)


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August 11, 2005
My iMON VFD worked just fine with version, but now my display is just blank.

I have enabled the external display plugin in MP setup and chosen the correct VFD from the list. I have also checked that the correct info is present in the other setup textboxes.

I have also set my VFD to plug-in mode in the VFD setup program.

I did exactly the same setup for version and that worked just fine. The only difference I vaguely remember is that when I chose plug-in mode in the VFD setup program, I believe it displayed 'Media Portal'. Now it only displays 'Plug-in'.

My display works fine when it's not in plug-in mode (displays wether info or EQ etc.)

Have anyone else experienced this problem?


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  • April 22, 2004
    I have a new imon vfd and it works here with mp (no cvs version add-ons).
    Everything you describe for the setup seems o.k. to me.
    may be tick the debug mode in mp for the external display to see if mp sends information.
    i had a lot of trouble to get the vfd going (not mp related).
    in searching the net it occured to me that there might be two versions of the imon vfd: one with an usb connector (like mine) and one with a parallel connector.



    I had a problem with my iMon working with the iMon software but not with MP. I fixed it by running iMonVFD (double click the icon in the system tray, or use the iMon App Launcher) and selecting plugin mode.

    Hope this helps.



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    August 11, 2005
    Problem solved!

    I uninstalled MediaPortal and the iMON software, and then I reinstalled MediaPortal again (I will reinstall iMON later). MP now works perfectly with my VFD display - it seems like it only needs the display driver!

    I think the problem might have arised from updating from MP 0.1.2 (I followed the instructions on the MP Home page).

    MediaPortal rules!!!!

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