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December 28, 2007
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I can't get the Online Videos to work on my primary HTPC. I have totaly reinstalled (for this reason) my HTPC but I cant use Online Videos.
On my other pcs it works out of the box. Running W10 x64 with latest MP and Online videos with LAV filters.

I does not download any content when I start Online Videos, I can see a couple of sites ,
I can't import sites from config (I get a .NET error (SEE EDIT below)). I cant test the codec settings, it doesn't work at all, just greyed.

Am I doing something wrong on this pc and not on the others? I'm doing exacly the same thing on both.

Everything else works on the HTPC, live TV, videos, Music, radio.,....

[EDIT] Tried to IMPORT sites from the Online Videos/config page and got this (attached) JIT DOTNET Exception error. Its google translated from Swedish so...
Please help!!!


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    I've had that error before but for the life of me can't remember what it was. I think at the time it was not having .net 3.5 installed. But I think everything has been moved up to .net 4.0

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