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January 2, 2007
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Since version 1.6, I have a problem with my Irtrans remote.
When the system wakes up for a recording, audio and video is muted. That's okay so far. But I can't enable it with my Irtrans remote anymore. I have to press a key on the keyboard to enable display and audio. That was not the case with the previous 1.2.3 installation.
I have attached some logs.
I found these lines strange:

[2014-07-04 17:48:07,986] [Log ] [10 ] [DEBUG] - PS: User interface is idle
[2014-07-04 17:48:22,777] [Log ] [PS StandbyWakeup] [DEBUG] - PS: StandbyWakeupThread triggered by check interval
[2014-07-04 17:48:22,777] [Log ] [PS StandbyWakeup] [DEBUG] - PS: New user input detected - set time of last user activity to 17:40:09
[2014-07-04 17:48:22,779] [Log ] [PS StandbyWakeup] [DEBUG] - PS: Signal time of last user activity (17:40:09) to the local TvServer
[2014-07-04 17:48:22,783] [Log ] [PS StandbyWakeup] [DEBUG] - PS: LoadSettings()

It seems that there is user activity detected at 17:48, but the last user activity time is set to 17:40?

Thanks for any hints,

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