Cant play VIMEO and UMG content videos on Youtube (1 Viewer)


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April 21, 2017
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Hello guys,

I have installed MP 1.15 and OnlineVideos When i try to open VEVO videos on Youtube, i get the message "This video contains VEVO content and can not be reproduced". (actually the message is presented in Portuguese). For some other videos, i also get the message "This video contains UMG content and can not be reproduced".

The Youtube site on "Manage Sites" section of the plugin is updated to the latest available: 12/1/2016 02:14PM

Also, all other components are properly installed:

- MediaPortal IPTV filter and url source splitter
- LAV Filters
- Adobe Flash Player for IE

I updated to MP 1.16 and OnlineVideos (provided on madVR thread) but still get the same errors when trying to play these types of videos.

I have searched on this forum for a possible inability of OnlineVideos to play VIMEO videos, but i just found old posts from 2015 that were supposedly fixed by updating the site code (Manage Sites section).

Am i missing something?



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    Youtube is already fixed, it just needs to be published by the author (@offbyone )
    Vimeo is almpst fixed.
    But I think those sites won't be published until the new version of the ov plugin itself is released.
    When that will be, I sadly don't know...

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