Can't run TV config because "target machine actively refused it" (1 Viewer)

Mike Leins

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January 5, 2019
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I can't run the TV config because "target machine actively refused it". Media Portal 2 (the main program) runs just fine but I can't do anything until I configure my antenna (MyGica A681).

What do I do?



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    The error message indicates that the TV plugin plugin wasn't initialized. You can either restart the server machine or try to restart the Windows service 'MP2 Server Service'.

    If this doesn't resolve the problem, we will need more information about your system. Important notice: if you installed MP2 in parallel to MP1 you need to premanently deactivate MP1's TVService in Windows before being able to use the TV function in MP2.
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    Mike Leins

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    January 5, 2019
    United States of America United States of America
    3 more error messages just trying to open the program. Nevermind, I'm done.

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