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December 26, 2018
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MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.2

Hi there,
I just install MediaPortal2 on my win10 (it's a virtual OS in the Qnap NAS)

When I want to add source it find NAS, but when I click "plus" (+) nothing's wronk.
So I try to put it manually... but it's like he don't like the format and also I can't understand the red collor sample
and in the Wiki page there is no sample too.

So I try to do it locally using the Z:\\ hare drive letter (that Z obviously work on my explorer)... but it can see only C.\ drive

If I go in my explorer I can see \\NAS with all folders in my WORCKGROUP

I have read a lot of post of persons that had the same problem... but I cant find yet a solution.

I try to make a log using the link in this page but is not work.

So can anybody help me to get it work please ?

Thanks in advance

Steps to Reproduce:
Media sources configuration> Add media source > Network > NAS from the list > "+" > find no folder


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    I also have the same issue. This is my work around:
    When you see the (+) just wait about 1 minute before pressing it.
    Then I see the NAS folders. It seems the waiting time is always added to the last time you pressed (+), so wiildly clicking on the (+) will never show any NAS content.

    Why it works for me as above I don't know. It makes actually no sense :) Also no promise, it will work like that for everyone.


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    December 26, 2018
    Italy Italy
    I also have the same issue. This is my work around:
    When you see the (+) just wait about 1 minute before pressing it..
    Thanks a lot for the answer.
    I just try to wait I think about 2 minutes... then I click the + simbol
    After the + click I wait another 2 minutes... but sadly nothing' wrong... there is no folders.

    Then I launch the mediaportal log and it save some file and folders that I open
    I so in server log like this:
    [2018-12-26 12:58:40,499] [10843 ] [Main ] [INFO ] - MediaLibrary: Registered share watcher for path {03dd2da6-4da8-4d3e-9e55-80e3165729a3}:////NAS

    I take the name of path and paste is in manually insert field... I then complete it with the full path and click continue
    It take it... but when I click to reimport in the reimport menu, it found nothing.

    I attach the log zip file at post... maybe someone can take a look

    Thanks again


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