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I'm trying to decide on a capture card to use with media portal. I've narrowed it down to either the Hauppauge PVR 150 of PVR 250. The 150 is slightly cheaper, but if the 250 is better I'd go for that. Any opinions on which of the 2 is the better choise, or if there's a similar priced and better card from a different manufacturer?

Secondly, I need an IR transmitter to control my digitial cable box (NTL, currently a PACE 4001, probably a Samsung soon). The cable box uses normal IR, not the IRDA of some older Pace boxes.

What's the best choice for a transmitter to control the box? As I understand it, some (all?) MCE remotes come with a transmitter that can do this. If so, where can I find such a remote in the UK?

I'm not that interested in controlling MediaPortal with the remote, the priority for me is controlling the cable box so that I can schedule recordings.

Thanks for any advice.

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