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June 27, 2008
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I returned from vacation to find very spotty TV reception. Some channels are displaying OK, but in anything but perfect weather the reception goes out. Channels that have been working fine for years are suddenly failing. Thinking something had knocked my satelite dish out of alignment, I played with this but it didn't help. I checked all cables, too. Thinking that perhaps one of my sat cards had failed, I plugged in an old set-top box and most channels worked - I say most because it is an SD box so I can't test any HD channels. The sat card test showed that both were working. My latest theory is that the LNB is slowing failing and sigal quality has droped to a point where it is on (or below) an acceptable limit for PC cards but still good enough for the old set-top box.

All this is background only. Doing this sat card tests, I checked the signal strength/quality parameters and noticed that I get different values depending on the card (not surprising, they are different brands with different sensitivities). One question I have is if there is a way to prioritise how MP selects the card? My WinTV NOVA HD has the highest priority so I assume (from the wiki which is not very detailed on the topic) that any channel where a signal is received (no matter how poor) will load before MP tries the second card (which might have a better signal).

1. Is this the case? How does the TV card priority work in detail?

I notice that there is a DVB-IP card installed by default which I assume is for internet TV feeds. I would like to explore this as an option for TV reception. I searched this site and couldn't find much detail on this. My second question is:

2. Are there any good links to educate me about getting IP TV on MediaPortal?

Finally, I noticed trying to troubleshoot my satelite feed problem that I struggled to find any good sites where I could get help. Qeestion 3:

3. Does anyone have any good satelite resources/websites to recommend where I can research my next steps? These would be learning about how to improve satelite feed quality, what the best TV cards are (switching times, sensitivity, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

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