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April 18, 2008
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Ive been a long time MediaPortal user, but it's been a while since I last used it now. I was just wondering if the following features are available or not :

1) The ability to watch a program in the past from the EPG

You can go back in time in the EPG (back a day by pressing the Rewind / Previous Track button on remote control) to a time when a program was on, and watch it through an associated online player. For example; lets say it's Wednesday the 15th, and I missed "Top Gear" on Sunday the 12th. I could press the previous track button 3 times to get me back to sunday (a visual display would show what day you are currently on), and then navigate to the time the program was on, select the program, press ok, and then this would play Top Gear through the BBC iPlayer.

2) To search for program's in the future or previously aired

For example, I could press search button, type in "Eastenders", this will then present me with two options : "On Demand" and "Coming Up". The "on demand" section would display to me what content is available for that program. For example, it would give a thumbnail option for "Eastenders @ BBC iPlayer", and if I select/ok on that thumbnail, it will display the episodes available (in a new screen) of eastenders - I then just need to select/ok the episode and then that episode will play through the iPlayer for me.

If I was to select the "Coming Up" option, it would display to me what is coming up in the future, and I could select the program and schedule a episode record / series record or a reminder.

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