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December 1, 2012
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As per title, when searching for a TV show the channel isn't shown in the results when using the default skin. Some shows are on multiple channels but couldn't find a way to display using the interface as supplied.
This occurs consistently across every attempted installation although have only used UK DVB EPG as a source.
Although the issue can be easily resolved by installing another skin, newbies could (and did in this case) assume the feature was missing/broken.
I won't go into unsolvable power issues then encountered with the Argus TV server or stuttering with the Argus scheduler on top of the MP TV Server as an attempted solution to the problem...

Steps to Reproduce:
Install Mediaportal 1.2.3 including TV server, set up DVB card, add some channels, set up epg grab, open mediaportal client, select 'TV' > search > search in title.


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  • February 16, 2008
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    has identified the same problem in 1.3.0B
    just a minor problem: The description of the programs after you done a search do not contain channel name, it is only showing channel logo. This can course confusions if not having logos for all channels.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Enter Search in TV module (default skin); the programs do not have channel names except for the logos.

    in search.jpg

    in Upcoming episodes.jpg
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