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February 23, 2006
Hi i am having a problem with Auto tune for Tv i can see the channels
when i do the auto turn but when i go to tv guide listing they are not there
Can some one tell me how do i set up channels For Toronto , Ontario . Canada

Thank you

Ps This Software kicks MCE,s ass love it
Thank you


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January 24, 2005
wortelsoft said:
Hello golfnut welcome to the forum.

That way we have a little bit more background information.

Also do save the channels in the autotune part?

Hmm maybe i'm missing something opvious - but where do you select 'save' when in autotune ?

When i'm tuning for dvb-s channels i can olsy select start/stop.

Autotune worked fine for my dvb-t cards (nova-t) but i'm having trouble with dvb-s (nova-s / tecnotrend budget) the found channels does not apear in the channel list

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