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  • December 8, 2005
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    I’ve ordered my HTPC but haven’t got the hardware yet. So I installed MP on my current PC and attached my FireDTV C/CI and got things running.
    Most things work fine but I have an issue with TV/Audio sync when I watch scrambled channels. I live in Sweden and have ComHem as cable provider. Could someone who have this stuff configured and working ok please post their settings they use in MP?
    I’m not sure I’ll have this problem when I get the new hardware, but I’m unsure what to select when/where and why during install with FireDTV and codec’s and what not.
    I have read the setup guide in the documentation but that doesn’t say to much about what codec’s to choose when you use FireDTV, is there a difference :?:

    Forgot to say that when I use MyTheatre (delivered with FireDTV) audio/picture is fine. So the problem is in MP, not general PC issue.

    Also, I have an issue when using mt FireDTV remote with MP, it don’t work at all. To set up the FireDTV remote all I should have to do is check the “Enable FireDTV Remote Control†in the Media Portal - Setup?


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    January 24, 2005
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    I have some questions about fireDTV and comhem in sweden:

    1. can I grab EPG from digitalchannels or do I need to run a 3rd part application (o2grabber)?

    2. is fireDTV safe to buy or is it useless when comhem change some settings?

    3. can I access my digital-music channels from fireDTV and does MP support it?


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