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  • May 16, 2008
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    TV-Server Version: 1.0
    MediaPortal Version: 1.0
    MediaPortal Skin: Blue3 Wide
    Windows Version: XP Pro SP3
    CPU Type: Intel E8200
    HDD: WD 5000AACS 500GB
    Memory: 4 GB (2 GB Ramdisk)
    Motherboard: Asus P5K-E Wifi
    Video Card: MSI NX-8500-GT
    Video Card Driver:
    Sound Card: Soundmax HD Audio (ADI 1988B onboard)
    Sound Card AC3: coaxial
    Sound Card Driver: 1.6310
    1. TV Card: Pinnacle DualSAT 4000i
    1. TV Card Type: DVB-S
    1. TV Card Driver: 16.04.2007
    2. TV Card: Hauppauge WinTV Nova-HD-S2
    2. TV Card Type: DVB-S
    MPEG2 Video Codec: MPV
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: AC3Filter
    h.264 Video Codec: Core AVC
    Satelite/CableTV Provider: Astra 19.2°E
    HTPC Case: Silverstone LC16M VFD (0x3601)
    Cooling: Scythe Ninja mini
    Power Supply: Seasonic SS12-380
    Remote: Harmony 555
    TV: Panasonic TH50 PZ80
    TV - HTPC Connection: HDMI


    I realized the following and possibly principal issue in MP. I have one S2 TV card and one standard (dual) SD TV card.

    When a preprogrammed recording is about to start I am not sure which card will actually be selected for the recording. If the S2 card is used, watching HD channels parallel to the ongoing recording is obviously not possible. Is there any mechanism which card is chosen or is it arbitrary, depending which one is available at a given time?

    Regards, HTPC_Sourcer

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