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September 5, 2013
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I use MP TV-server and client on a computer in the livingroom. I am using ArgusTV scheduler but not the recorder, also on the same computer.

Before I used this setup I tried to use ARGUS TV recorder also but there was a limitation with my TV-card so I switched to MP TV-server (without uninstalling or installing anyting just chenged settings). But I used that setup for a week and when I switched I had to import the old recordings into the new setup.

Everyting seems to work as it should on that computer. But on an other computer where I only install the client, the connection to the TV-server works but the channels is in the order from the old setup, the EPG also and recorded program is only the ones from the previus setup with the ARGUS-TV recorder?!?

How can this happend? Is there an old database to where I connect when I use an other computer? How do I get rid of that?

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    Please ask such questions about ARGUS and ARGUS + MP/TV Server integration on the ARGUS forum.

    ARGUS installation does lots of stuff like replacing the MP TV plugin, so best to ask the ARGUS experts.

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