[solved] Clients do not see available MP2 server in the network (1 Viewer)


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January 2, 2016
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MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.1.3

My knowledge is limited so be indulgent. :)
I just installed MP2 v2.1.3 on my PCs (PC1 = Client-server, PC2 = Client only).
Both PCs run Windows 10, are kept updated, and are connected to the same router.

Everything works fine on PC1 but PC2 does not see the server on the network. I could miss something trivial or obviously required. Ideas/suggestions about what may not work?

I have provided both log files (PC1 & PC2)

Steps to Reproduce:
Install latest MP2 on two PCs. One PC as server-client, the other as client only.



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    Hello Daniel,

    I moved your posting to the 'General' section, since your observations are surely not a general issue and look more like a Windows network problem.

    Everything works fine on PC1 but PC2 does not see the server on the network.
    Is PC1 displayed in PC2'2s network environment if you open it in Windows Explorer? If not, what happens if you enter '\\Multimedia-PC' in the address field? Is PC1 then displayed with its shares?

    If the above is working, check the clients connection settings: actively disconnect it from any prevously existing MP2 Server and reconnect
    see: Settings | General | Connections | MP2-Server


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    January 2, 2016
    Canada Canada
    I upgraded to MP 2.2 Final then I did my homework since PC1 was not displayed in PC2's network environment using Windows Explorer. I found a problem with PC1's firewall setup and was able to use PC2's MP2 client after solving it :)

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