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June 27, 2008
Netherlands Netherlands
Nice clean skin, would like to use this one on regular basis.

Just using Mediaportal for a few weeks.
Not sure if i understand the relation between skin and menu options (Plugins?).
There are plugins and skins, but a plugin must have support from a skin?
While they are proberly made by different developers?

I'm getting no map with my menu-option worldmap.
Also shoucast gives a missing xml error, Menuinfo also

It does not sound like a easy structure you developers must work in.
There should be an api wich gives support for development so that skin and plugins are not depending of each other.
Or do I something very wrong?

I really would like to see shoutcast in this skin



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September 30, 2007
Norway Norway
Plug-ins is application extension for MediaPortal.
Skins are just the design elements.

For the plug-ins to work the skin needs to support it (XML code and graphics).
Since I haven’t added support for any plug-ins yet you’ll get errors when you try to open them with my skin.

In MediaPortal Configuration you can choose where you what the plug-in link.
The options are “My Home” and “My Plugins”.

You also have “Basic Home”. This is the startpage you see a screenshot of. Here the links are hard-coded. You therefore have to put the plug-in links that isn’t on this page under “My Plugins”, or use “My Home” instead.

I’m going to add plug-in support as soon as I get the core functions up and running.

Just uploaded a new version to the Repository.

Have a look at the new Basichome layout.

There is also a new screenshot of it in the first post.


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March 27, 2007
France France
Very nice skin, keep it up the good work

The link to download on the first post is always for 0.2 version........ :( no link for the 0.3 version


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September 30, 2007
Norway Norway
Just uploaded 0.3 one more time to the repository.

Don't know if anything happened or if it's waiting for acceptance.


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November 16, 2007
Canada Canada
Very nice skin, it is now my main one. I really like the more clean layout you've got.

I wonder if there is an easy way to remove unused items from the home screen. I really only use DVD, My Videos, My TVSeries, Music, Weather and Settings...


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  • July 16, 2007
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I really like the look of this, very nice stuff.

    One problem for me is that on startup I have to move the mouse before I can navigate up and down.
    I'm guessing you haven't seen this because you use your mouse for navigation. To repeat, simply start MP and try to navigate using the arrow keys, they only work once you have moved the mouse.

    Any chance you could add the "For The Record" plugin?

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