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June 8, 2020
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Hi, I'm quite new to this forum so please excuse me if I'm short on my understanding on how this works, I've been trying to find a solution for a couple of days but I've been yet unsuccessful.

I'm trying to use an old HP Touchsmart (iq500) as a TV screen to live stream my PS2, as I haven't got enough room/money for a new TV. The computer has an integrated TV tuner (Avermedia A326 Hybrid Mini-Card) and I'm using Windows 8 Pro which means I cannot use the original software designed for it. Windows Media Center didn't work for me either.

To connect the PS2 to the PC I'm using the original AV to RCA cable and I bought adapters to S-Video and a Y-adapter for the audio as stated by the manufacturer (HP).

I've already set up a TV Server, but the Configuration is recognizing my card as an "AVermedia 716x BDA-DVBT Tuner". Windows 8 is using the correct TV Tuner driver (Avermedia a326) though. However, I've managed to add the S-Video channel and I am able to hear the audio throughout and see occasionally the initial screen of the PS2. Most of the time the video appears as unformatted color images but by playing with the video format I came even as far as recognizing the blue floating thing when starting the PS2 with the word "Navigation". However its all blurry in dark blue and the images then disappear.

I am not sure which thing is causing me problems (or if it's all of them):

  • Incorrect codec or video format (I'm struggling to understand if I should be toggling using PAL_G/PAL_B, frame rate, etc. . When I changed this I managed to see something resembling the correct images). I have found little info of how to tune this...
  • Wrong adapter (I'm considering buying the AV to S-video for PS2)
  • If I should attempt to change the way MP recognizes my TV Tuner Card (I am not sure if my card is supported)

As I've managed to get to see the video I'm pretty much regarding this a Codec/Video Format problem, but I am not sure how to go on.

I would appreciate any info or support or pointing me out in the direction to a solution, thanks!


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