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November 21, 2007
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Hi all,

Just wondering what are the reasons to use xmltv or webepg vs the epg grabber ?

I thought it was the content but I've played with both and it seems the same apart from the epg grabber is only for one week.

Can anyone shed some light on this.

I am in Australia, so I would like to know how the epg grabber compares to
other xmltv data




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  • April 23, 2007
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    I assume by epg grabber you mean the built TV Server grabber that grabs the epg from the DVB stream.

    I tend to find that the DVB-T streamed data is the most accurate and comprehensive for the commercial channels (7, 9 and Ten). Generally you get about 7 days of data. Can't seem to grab any One HD or One Digital data though. I use WebEPG to grab Yahoo pages for ABC and SBS, which, when I last looked, only had about 2 days worth of EPG over the air. Finally I use big Kev's EPG downloader to insert the data in the database, rather than the xmltv plugin, because the xmltv plugin doesn't allow you to mix DVB-T channel grabs with xml file imports - it overwrites all channels (at least I couldn't work out how to avoid this).

    Haven't used IceTV in MP mainly because of cost, but freeepg is full of "advertising" and self promotion crap (to encourage you to pay for the service, which makes a mockery of the free part).

    The OzTivo data at is also pretty good and seems to include all the Fox / Austar channels as well, if you need that.

    So in summary the DVBT-T stream is good for 7, 9 and 10, and you really want an xmltv source for ABC and SBS if you want more than 2 days of data.

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