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February 13, 2007

Can anyone please help explain how to get comskip and comclean working properly?

I'm using mediaportal (which is working great) and have downloaded and installed both comskip and comclean. I enabled the comskip plugin on tvserver and ticked the skip commercial box within mediaportal options.

I have got comskip to analyse my TS files and generate txt. files but I haven't got much further!

Ideally, I'd like the plugin to automatically cut out the commercials from the beginning of each recording.. is this possible?

Thanks very much in advance.

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    You really only need comskip and if its producing the necessary text files, that is all thats needed to watch without adverts, do not change the default parameter in the comskip plugin "{0}" keep exactly as it is including the quotes, also if you add your recorded tv directory to video folders, see if it works any better from the Video's section of MP

    If you want something to edit and convert the files, try MCEBuddy, need to change the format to .ts, but its pretty good quality wise, especially for h.264 and if you set a delay before it performs the task, it can be pretty automated.

    BTW all this will only work correctly in a singleseat setup.


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    February 13, 2007
    Ok, thanks for the quick reply PD.

    I'll try some recordings and see how they come out.

    The reason I was asking about actual removal of commercials is because I rely on a media streamr (Netgear's EVA 8000) to wirelessly playback mediaportal tv recordings from Server which it does very well although I'm assuming it won't make any sense of the txt. files.



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    November 12, 2008
    I'm using the newest stable mediaportal and comskip on XP.

    I seem to have everything in the right places comskip is processing the file and generating the .txt files. I've tested in and out of mediaportal and it appears that it's detecting commercials when I watch the .ts recording nothing is removed or skipped. For simplicity I'd just rather record & remove than dealing with time shifting and skipping etc. Do I need to install comclean to get it work? the only directions I found for installation of comclean were GBPVR specific if someone would mind pointing me in the right direction I'd be really grateful.

    Thanks, Jim.


    In the log it says it found 5 mins worth of commercials, I included the whole log on a host.

    I tried to use comclean but I don't think I have it installed right. When dropping the .ts on mpgtx.exe in a comskip test folder described in the readme nothing happened.

    Initial Commercial List
    0) 9296 13361 0:02:15.63
    1) 22087 26598 0:02:30.51
    2) 32315 33322 0:00:33.60
    3) 40425 43318 0:01:36.52
    No change

    Logo fraction: 0.6416
    Maximum volume found: 2474
    Average volume: 651
    Sound threshold: 500
    Silence threshold: 100
    Minimum volume found: 0
    Average frames with silence: 58
    Black threshold: 25
    Minimum brightness found: 0
    Minimum bright pixels found: 0
    Minimum dim level found: 0
    Average brightness: 1080
    Uniformity level: 500
    Average non uniformity: 445
    Maximum gap between logo's: 182
    Suggested logo_threshold: 0.7750
    Suggested shrink_logo: 5
    Max commercial size found: 30
    Dominant aspect ratio: 1.5100
    Score threshold: 1.0500
    Framerate: 29.97
    Total commercial length: 0:05:19.75
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting ... 9.log.html


    So I fixed it by turning on comskip... duh.

    I had enabled the plug in and I thought that was it.

    Sorry for my stupidity.


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    Comskip doesn't remove the commercials it tags them so you can use the 'NEXT CHAPTER' and 'PREVIOUS CHAPTER' buttons to skip them.
    It sounds like it's working though... Try pressing the |< and >| buttons when the ads start...


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    August 28, 2009
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    It seems you have managed to get comskip and comclean to remove commercials from your recordings. I am able to run comskip. but I am having trouble getting comclean to remove the commercial segments from the file. could you let me know how you managed to do this. I am using version 1.0.2 of media portal, and it records the files in .ts format.

    look forward to hearing from you on this!

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