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Discussion in 'OffTopic' started by Anonymous, December 27, 2004.

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    November 27, 2004
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    it's a digital connection, so as long as no bits are lost there shouldn't be a problem. I suppose length is also a factor but really, I didn't notice any difference.
    Anyway, this is a typical subject to get a flame war over... which is not what I intend to do. Since nazimm doesn't have a 'high end' set, I suppose he could at least give it a try and he can always buy this coaxial shielded cable later on.

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  3. Anonymous

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    Ok Guys..

    Got myself the Coax cable and plugged it in... 1.5 meters only, nice and short!

    Result: I go to AUX on the receiver and lo and behold I get sound from ALL speakers!!!!

    All I got to do is hang those damn things to really get the full effect..

    Really appreciate the help guys and your patience!!
  4. Anonymous

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    in my last post I said that all was working.. not 100% true!!! The right speakers were not giving anything.. or hardly any sound!!!!

    I read the MoBo manual with all the connections and I actually had the line-out jack in the wrong plug (Stupid!)

    Anyway got it in the right plug, line-ou, and the red/ white plugs back of the receiver and I ckick on Aux on the REveived, run the SoundStorm test of the speakers and the ALL work 100%

    I thought my right speakers were broken somehow.. turns out the line out was connected to the TV sound in but as I now use the receiver speakers and not the TV (it is on mute) I forgot that this was the plug to be used..

    Mea Colpa and Thanks to all your help guys!! If it were not for you I would have returned the whole thing claiming it is borken when it was just my ignorence and inpatience!!


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