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February 20, 2005
Using "standard" volume control within windows isn't always desireable.

In my case, I'm having MP launch Zoomplayer to watch DVD's and sound is sent through SP/DIF out from my PC which is connected to an external receiver. Internal PC volume control does not work on e.g. Dolby Digital streams.

They way I solved this was using External Display plugin, USBUIRT and Girder:

In external display plugin I chose output to Girder
The volume+- buttons on the Hauppauge remote was mapped to nothing in Remote setup in MP.
Inside Girder I created a Vol up and Vol down command, with commands learned from the Receviers remote.

What happends is that when I hit e.g vol up, nothing happends to PC system volume. However, the IR code is sent to Girder, and by assigning this event to Vol up command then volume is turned up on my receiver.

I did the same thing on the "Power" button. Instead of having it to turn off Mediaportal, I sent it to Girder, which again either switch on or off both my Plasma TV (Through RS232) and my receiver...

Only flaw is that volume up/down is quite slow, but I can live with it...


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February 20, 2005
But can you then use all the "goodies" which is included when you use one of the nativly supported remotes like the Hauppauge silver?

Stuff like direct acces to fullscreen TV, text tv, home screen, prev channel etc?



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  • May 6, 2005
    Hi tommer,

    I have a MCE remote and I can learn all the functions from this remote onto my PHILIPS SBC RU 760. Which is a great remote, quite cheap and it can learn and perform macros. My turns on my HTPC and surround sound amp. with one button.

    Then I only ever change the volume on my amp.




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    February 20, 2005
    That remote looks great!

    Be I guess you loose the direct acces options which in my homy is important...??


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